We're All In This Together: Why to Buy American-made Socks

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American manufacturing is in trouble, but American sock making has never been stronger. The reason why American-made socks are so great? It starts with the quality of U.S.-made cotton and ends at a level of craftsmanship that can’t be matched. Support our economy, keep jobs at home, and get better quality products for your feet!

Where in the U.S. are socks made?

Socks are made in several different locations, but the majority are manufactured in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. The sock industry originated in these locations because of the textile mills in these regions. In total, there are over 500 sock manufacturers that employ thousands of Americans across these three states.


There are also newer knitting mills popping up in locations like Portland, Oregon and Boston. These mills are not “old school” textile mills but instead, offer high-tech knitting capability that can be done on smaller production runs than the old-fashioned way of manufacturing. The hope for these new factories is to bring jobs back to these regions which were once known as centers of industry in America.

American Made Socks
Cotton Field

How are American-made socks created?

Cotton is harvested from cotton fields which are located throughout the U.S., then spun into thread or yarn at a mill near where it’s grown. The first mills in the United States were close to waterways, for ease of transportation and power. Originally, it took about three pounds of raw cotton to produce one pound of wearable fabric. With the quality of today’s cotton crops being so high, it takes about two pounds of raw cotton to produce one pound of wearable fabric.

What are the benefits of American-made socks?

There are many reasons to buy American-made, but the most important is to keep our economy strong and support American workers. Another benefit of buying American-made products is that they are typically of higher quality than those made overseas due to stricter regulations in this country which demand a minimum wage for all employees as well as safe working conditions.


It’s also better for the environment. Manufacturing goods in America is more energy-efficient than producing them overseas since you don’t need to ship materials on a boat or plane to get them to their end destination.

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Are American-made socks expensive?

American-made socks are not always the cheapest, but they typically last longer and are higher quality. The price of a sock made in America varies depending on its weight as well as where it’s being sold. Thicker socks often cost more since they use more raw material. These socks aren’t usually the type you’ll find in a 12 pack for $10 at Walmart. Instead, a single pair may cost you anywhere from $8-$30 or even more. Depending on the quality and materials used, this can be well worth the price.

Buying American-made socks may seem like a small gesture, but it helps strengthen our communities and economy. It keeps manufacturing jobs in the United States and it ensures that your clothes aren’t made using the exploitative business practices for which offshore manufacturing has become known.

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