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Here at The Sock Dude, we love products that make the world a better place. We’ve reviewed socks from companies like Hippy Feet and wrote articles about the power of buying products in the USA. When GuudGuuds sent us a pair of Conscious Step socks, we were eager to try them out! Conscious Step produces a range of quirky patterned socks

Brand Story

Conscious Step supports  wide range of charitable organizations, ranging from groups battling childhood cancer, to restoring the oceans, to supporting LGBTQ+ rights. Each pair of socks contributes to a different cause. In the case of our socks, each pair supports an organization called Conservation International, although it’s unclear how much of each purchase goes to supporting these causes.

Conscious Step Logo
Jacquard inside Conscious Step Sock

Polyamide is a synthetic material similar to polyester. When used in a pair of socks, you’ll find polyamide to be more moisture absorbent and slower drying, as well as slightly less insulating than socks using polyester. It also has a better elastic quality than polyester, requiring less spandex in the sock.

Sock Quality

Cotton Crew Socks


When you first pick up a pair of conscious step socks, they feel great. The pair of crew socks we tested are made in India from a blend of 75% fairtrade organic cotton, 23% polyamide, and 2% spandex. The initial feel is that the socks are soft, have ample elastic in the cuff, and features a padded footbed — all features we love! Each sock also had 2 embroidered sloth logos, a knod to the environmental mission supported by these socks. 


Generally, the seams are clean, but if we had one major complaint it is the quality of jacquard (the knit-in logos). The backing on the jacquard is messy, making for lots of loose strings to catch yourself on when you slide the socks on your feet.

Sock Style

Beyond Conscious Step’s do-good mission, the style of their socks are a major selling point. They feature fun, expressive designs ranging from the sloth socks we received to polka dots, clouds, and stars. Generally, their style appears to be the type that you’d wear with a more casual outfit and would look great under a pair of jeans. The pairs available on GuudGuuds are in a bit more muted of a color palette, which we love considering the wide range of ways you can dress them with an outfit.

Conscious Step Sloth Socks

What are these socks good for?

Conscious Step strikes us as the type of sock you’d buy as a gift, but probably not for yourself. The reason we say this is because you can find a pair that supports a cause near and dear to your gift recipient’s heart. Although, we question whether or not the social good done by Conscious Step is performative giving or if it’s truly as impactful as it could be. Donating to a lot of different causes is great, but it also feels a bit ingenuine. If the company was started to make a difference, wouldn’t it be a bit more focused in how it gives? 


The pair of socks we received aren’t a strong fit as an athletic or outdoors sock. Instead, they make for a great, comfortable casual pair of socks that you’d wear to work or when you’re heading out to the store.

Final Thoughts

Conscious Step is just one of many fun charitable products that GuudGuuds offers. Their socks are comfortable with quality materials and playful designs. As you can tell from our previous articles, we have a strong bias towards American made products, so we wish that these were a domestic product rather than being knit in India. While Conscious Step may be truly authentic, it would be nice to know why the company was started. We hope that it doesn’t just use it’s charitable mission as a marketing tool, but it’s hard to tell from the information on their website.

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