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A good pair of socks can bring you a whole lot of joy, but they feel even better when they’re doing a good thing for the community. Hippy Feet is a do-good brand with a commitment to help the homeless, but the real question is: are their socks any good? 

We’ll dive into a complete review of the sock quality, style, and whether or not we would recommend them to our readers. Before that, let’s give some background on the brand.

Brand Story

Hippy Feet is one of a number of sock companies that have some sort of a do-good mission. When they launched in 2016, they donated a pair of socks to a homeless shelter for every pair they sold. After donating 20,000 pairs of socks, they decided to evolve their mission. Hippy Feet founders, Sam Harper and Michael Mader, realized that donating socks to the homeless wasn’t actually making the difference they had hoped. After some experimentation, Hippy Feet landed on a mission to provide jobs to homeless youth ages 16-24.

Hippy Feet - Ecofriendly socks

When we received our socks from Hippy Feet, each pair had the signature of a young person affected by homelessness on the packaging. This was the person that our socks gave a job to. In total, Hippy Feet has provided jobs to over 150 homeless youth.

Hippy Feet vs. Generic Socks

Photo courtesy of @hippyfeetsocks on Twitter

Sock Quality

Knowing your socks makes a difference is great and all, but it doesn’t really matter if they don’t feel good on your feet. We’re testing out pairs of Hippy Feet’s American made ankle socks, crew socks, and knee highs for this article.


Ankle Socks


Testing out a pair of ankle socks is a pretty straightforward process. We want a comfortable material that is breathable, doesn’t slip down, and lasts a long time. Hippy Feet’s ankle socks do all of this and more. 


The socks we tested were made from a super soft 85% organic cotton base – meaning they’re an environmentally friendly option. The fabric was breathable yet cushioned, making them some of the most comfortable socks we’ve tried. They have nice features like seamless toe, arch support, and a blister tab in back, which keeps them comfortable for running, golf, or trips to the gym. All in all, Hippy Feet makes the best ankle socks we’ve tried.


Crew Socks


 Crew socks are perhaps the most important style in any lineup. We tried a pair made with 80% recycled cotton, 15% recycled polyester, and 5% spandex. They weren’t quite as soft as the ankle socks, but still very comfortable. The crew socks fit 2-3 inches above the ankle bone, making them a standard height. 


These socks are comfortable, but the star of the show is the funky 70s inspired design. From tie dye to old school wallpaper patterns, these are some of the most stylish socks you can find. Not exactly a performance sock for skiing or ultra-specific uses, but a great daily wear.


Knee Highs


Knee high socks are their own particular niche. Some men swear by them, but most wearers are women. Hippy Feet’s knee highs tend to be understated in design when compared to their crew length socks, but these are perfect for a tall pair of winter boots or just lounging around in the winter.

Sock Style

As we mentioned, Hippy Feet really packs a punch when it comes to the design of their socks. These socks are meant to be seen, using well thought out color palettes and original designs. There’s a variety of styles available, from more muted designs to loud, expressive patterns. 


We can’t forget about the great names of socks like “Aunt Peggy’s Wallpaper” and “Sunset Lovers”. Hippy Feet is teeming with personality.

Hippy Feet Eco-Friendly Socks

What are these socks good for?

These socks aren’t supposed to be strictly athletic socks or performance oriented. You don’t see Hippy Feet talking about “sock technology”. Generally, these socks are great casual daily drivers and good for more casual activities. We’d definitely wear these to the gym or to play golf, even though that’s not what they’re exactly intended for.


Overall, Hippy Feet makes some pretty awesome socks. They look great and they’re great value for money when you consider how much good they do for the environment and helping the homeless. Hippy Feet makes the best ankle socks we’ve tried yet. This brand just has the perfect combination of style, comfort, and brand story that make them good for yourself or as a gift.

Looking for something?

We believe that socks can spark joy. They’re a simple item but such a staple of our wardrobe. They can show personality, warm you, protect you, and so much more. We hope our work can help you find better socks.