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Quality matters. All it takes is having to replace the tires on your car too soon, a pair of pants ripping, or a bad night’s sleep on a cheap mattress to learn this. GRIP6 is a company that is determined to make great quality products so their customers don’t have to worry about the product failing or being uncomfortable. That’s an admirable mission, but have GRIP6 socks actually accomplished it?

Brand Story

GRIP6 is a company that has a clear vision and purpose. It was started by BJ Minson with the goal of creating high quality, American made products. The first product that the company launched was a belt, but they have since began creating wallets and socks as well. When you visit their website, you can truly get a feel for BJ & company’s passion for quality. When you produce good products, you don’t need to replace them. When you make them in the USA, you’re investing in our communities.

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GRIP6 Socks

GRIP6 Sock Quality

Now that we know about GRIP6’s mission to make great products in the USA, we should probably understand if their products are really all that great. After putting their socks through testing, they lived up to and exceeded our high expectations in this department. GRIP6 sent us pairs of Rambouillet Merino Wool Crew and Ankle socks for us to test and here’s what we found…


Wool Ankle Socks


Most people think of wool socks in their crew and knee high lengths, so it was a pleasant surprise to receive a pair of wool ankle socks. These socks use a yarn blend that is relatively light on wool (only 40%) with 58% nylon and 2% Spandex comprising the rest of the sock. However, the wool is high quality merino and despite all the nylon, the socks don’t have a synthetic feel to them.


The ankle socks feature a footbed that is padded with a full terry knit, making them great for any activity where you’re on your feet all day. There’s also a nice amount of elastic in the ankle cuff to make sure they don’t slide down on your foot.


Wool Crew Socks


From what we can tell, the crew socks are essentially a longer version of the ankle socks, using the same yarn blend and the same knitting pattern. The cuff rises to 3-4” above the ankle bone and fits a wider calf comfortably. The crew socks have a navy, powder blue, and grey wave design that works well on the front of the sock.


Sock Style

The way socks are visually designed can be super interesting. Some are supposed to be fashion statements, others are meant to take a back seat in a person’s wardrobe and allow the rest of the outfit to shine. GRIP6 socks fall into a different category that we most often see among sock brands that emphasize performance. 

The brand uses tasteful colorschemes and jacquard knitting to accentuate different technical qualities of the socks. Just by looking at a pair of GRIP6, you know they’re focused on quality and performance. This shows up in detail oriented design, with the inside cuff displaying the size of each sock. The bottom of each pair reads “USA WOOL”, fitting the brands mission of making great American made products.

Wool socks for hiking

What are these socks good for?


GRIP6 is a great option for whenever you want a warm yet breathable pair of socks. They work particularly well for activities like hiking, but also are comfortable to use for daily casual wear. You’re likely not going to reach for a pair of these socks if you’re looking to accessorize an outfit or make a fashion statement, but that also isn’t their purpose.

Final Thoughts

GRIP6 may not help you in the style department, but that’s not why these socks exist. They’re comfortable, well made, and we expect them to last a long time. This great quality is only made better by the fact that they’re produced in the USA. As we look at our clothes and their impact on the world, there are a few things we know for sure. When you buy quality, you buy less often. When you buy American made, you’re keeping jobs in our communities and ensuring the safety of workers. GRIP6 is a company you can really get behind.


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