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Sock Review: Conscious Step

Here at The Sock Dude, we love products that make the world a better place. We’ve reviewed socks from companies like Hippy Feet and wrote articles about the power of buying products in the USA. When GuudGuuds sent us a pair of Conscious Step socks, we were eager to try them out! Conscious Step produces a range of quirky patterned socks

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Sock Review: GRIP6

Quality matters. All it takes is having to replace the tires on your car too soon, a pair of pants ripping, or a bad night’s sleep on a cheap mattress to learn this. GRIP6 is a company that is determined to make great quality products so their customers don’t have to worry about the product failing or being uncomfortable. That’s an admirable mission, but have GRIP6 socks actually accomplished it?

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Hippy Feet - Ecofriendly socks

Sock Review: Hippy Feet

A good pair of socks can bring you a whole lot of joy, but they feel even better when they’re doing a good thing for the community. Hippy Feet is a do-good brand with a commitment to help the homeless, but the real question is: are their socks any good? 

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